Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Why not slow down on Fracking and get the facts—all of them?


The operative word in this article is ‘hurrying’. Why should scientists have to hurry to get a water sample baseline before Fracking begins in NYS?

Scientists set baseline for pre-fracking water quality Two Syracuse University geology professors - along with a graduate assistant or two - are hurrying to collect water samples from drinking wells in the Southern Tier before - and if - the natural gas extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing is approved in New York. (October 2, 2012) North Coast Public Radio

If, as the governor says, the Fracking decision in NYS will be based on scientific facts, then finding out the state of our water, which will be threatened by Fracking, before we Frack should be paramount.

Only a craven desire to get a relatively few folks a lot of money from the natural resources of all New Yorkers would explain the need for scientists to ‘hurry’ to find out the scientific facts. That gas lying underneath our feet has been sequestered there for millions of years.

Taking a couple of years to find out the consequences of piping it out of its tomb so it can be thrown into our atmosphere as more greenhouse gas should not be that much to ask.

Four years ago, most New Yorker’s didn’t even know what hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracking was.

Now, because land leases have been bought up and investors are hot to make a buck on our environment (again) everyone’s got to act hastily. For whose benefit must we hurry?

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