Saturday, September 15, 2012

Film BIDDER 70 a great success in Rochester, NY.

Last night at the beautifully designed Forest Cinema  35 State St. in Rochester, NY 14614 ‘Bidder 70’ played to a full house of Rochesterians hungry to see the story of our newest Climate Change hero.

The Rochester’s Greentopia Film Festival showed the story of Tim DeChristopher’s heroic effort to do something concrete about Climate Change to a full house to very engaged audience. Tim “arrived at a Bureau of Land Management auction as a protestor; a few hours later, he left as nothing less than a hero.”

George Gage accepted the Greentopia Film Award and it is a tribute to both George and his wife Beth (both directors of this film) that Tim’s story, rather than a victory for the fossil fuel industry who plotted to drill oil on pristine Utah lands, ends up as an amazing heroic tail of courage and commitment and a message to us all, even in Rochester, NY, that Climate Change is real and must be address if the present generation is going to have a viable future.

Make a commitment to see this film and believe that Climate Change is more than vague mental exercise in physics—and then get as many in your social network to see it also.

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