Saturday, July 21, 2012

Climate Change is still too boring


At this late date, decades into our understanding of Climate Change, I am amazed that articles such as “Climate change: extreme farming” are so rare.

On Thursday, Greentopia’s Film Festival sponsored “The Island President,” at The Little Theatre, about a nation and a culture 3, 000 years old that is sinking under the sea because of Climate Change, to only about 30 folks.

During this incredible heat wave and drought that is even reaching us here in the East, our local media is still not connecting the dots (except City Newspaper, of course) between our extreme weather and Climate Change.

Jeremy’s series of articles on Climate Change should be galvanizing the public about the how Climate Change in our region is something to be addressed at both the world level and at the local level. In this article, we learn that to keep our region viable for agriculture in our warming future, all of us must understand the changes that are going on, so we can help plan to adapt and eventually survive this change.

Last Friday night, my wife, my nephew and my sister-in-law, tried to walk a block to another film at the Little Theatre, but there were so many people in the streets drinking and swaying to the music festival going on that we barely made it.

If we only cared about the plight of our planet as we do about self-absorbed gaiety.

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