Friday, August 26, 2011

We need you on a bike to Greentopia September 17th


img4What has become crystal clear to me as Transportation chair of the Rochester Group of the Sierra Club is this: Active transportation (walking and bicycling) can be one of the most important Climate Change solutions for the Rochester, NY region. As transportation accounts for 27% of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and even 40%, according to the Executive Summary New York State Climate Action Plan Interim Report, how we get around each day matters a lot to our environment. Riding a bicycle as transportation is mentioned in all Climate Change actions for the federal, state, and community plans as an important component in reducing greenhouse gases.

For some time now, the Rochester, NY region has been engaged in an effort to increase bicycles as a realistic mode of transportation:

So, this is all to say that now we need you bicyclists, you casual bike riders, the Rochester-area bicycling community, those who are concerned about our environment, and those who care how we address Climate Change to come to Greentopia’s* Moving Planet Bike the Bridges Self-Guided Bike Ride. Meet us on Saturday. September 17th, 9AM -10:30AM, Genesee Valley Sports Complex, 131 Elmwood Avenue.

Here’s my final main pitch: Getting Rochester to the goal of a truly bicycle-friendly community, where anyone who wants to can bike those short distances (that now most use their vehicles for) and relieve the pressure on our transportation system and our environment, is a chicken-and-egg problem: in order to get folks on bicycles as transportation we need safe infrastructure, but we cannot do that if the public doesn’t demonstrate that they want it. Here’s your chance to solve that conundrum. Get the flyer and get the details:

*Greentopia Festival “Think Green. Live Green. Save Green| Rochester New York’s First Green Festival |The Greentopia Festival is Rochester New York’s and the Finger Lakes celebration of the green movement sweeping around the globe. The two-day, interactive festival in historic High Falls will reveal what the Western New York region is doing to help the environment – and envision a greener Rochester of the future.” High Falls, Rochester, NY | September 17-18, 10AM-6PM.

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