Monday, April 21, 2008

The Right Thing to Do --- RGRTA announces drop in bus fare

The cost of riding a bus in Rochester will soon be the lowest it's been in nearly two decades.
Today RGRTA announced bus fares will be lowered to just one dollar. Right now it costs $1.25. Director Mark Aesch says because of soaring gas prices ridership is way up and that's how they're able to lower bus fares. More strategic bus routes are also helping out.

FJR: There's a right way to handle a gas crisis and a wrong way. Above is the right way, lower public transportaion fares and tweak the system to accomodate more people. The wrong way would be to lower gas taxes, which the public needs, and which would encourage more people to by more inefficient gas vehicles.

Good move by the RGRTA and the City of Rochester.

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