Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Metro: Bike There! map on Google Earth

Metro: Bike There! map on Google Earth: "Bike There! map on Google Earth
Maps and data › Products › Maps › Bike There! map › Bike There! map on Google Earth
Fly across the Portland, Oregon metropolitan region as you view the bike map in this 3-D simulation."

FJR - One of the best ideas that I have come across for saving fuel is biking there. Imagine when you are going someplace in Rochester, you bring up Google Maps and find the best bike route to your destination. It's a great idea and these people in Portland, Oregon have figured out a way to get this idea going.

Is there someone out there in Rochester land who knows who to design this kind of feature for Rochester, using Google maps. Best of all would be to have Google have a bike route alternative to all its online maps. I hope someone will pursue this idea. There was an online action a couple of months ago to get Google, a great environmental corporation, to implement a bike route feature in its maps, but I have not heard anything about this effort.

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