Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hear Rochester's Mayor Duffy on our city's Environment, from his 2008 State of the City Speech


"I’m also happy to report that we’re making Rochester one of the cleanest and greenest cities in America. Operation Clean Sweep was a big success, with thousands of people joining city employees on weekends to pick up trash and beautify neighborhoods. Thank you to everyone who helped and I hope to see all of you this spring as the clean-up continues. We have also appointed the city’s first Green Team - dedicated employees from every department steering our efforts to remain an environmental leader among cities. Thanks to the city’s Green Team, Rochester isn’t just in the running to be the best city in America. We’re leaving smaller carbon footprints along the way!

For example, by the end of this year we’ll have 13 hybrid vehicles, six powered by natural gas, nine electric cars and 55 police cars that run on biofuels. Green vehicles represent eight percent of the city fleet. Twenty five percent of the electricity used in City offices comes from renewable sources – far beyond the state requirement of 15 percent by 2010. And City Hall will be turning up the thermostats this summer to further reduce our energy use and to save money. Our new Water Operation Center has the distinction of being a LEED gold-certified structure. 9 It’s the first municipal building in New York State with this distinction. That means it was built using the most environmentally friendly design and materials available." --from Welcome to the City of Rochester

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