Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rochester'sBiggest Business Story of the year:

Today’s Democrat and Chronicle highlights the biggest business story of the year, but this is not an easy thing to measure anymore. Hopefully, in the future all aspects of businesses, including their relationship to our environment will be heard:

Read Top area business story? Don't expect agreement (Dec 30, 07) "Frank Regan, former chairman of the Sierra Club's Rochester chapter, was especially passionate about the RG&E decision. "The PAETEC story may loom large in the public view of what visually constitutes change, but removing one of the largest coal-burning power plants in the Northeast and promising not to use coal in the upgrade will make all the other efforts the public makes ... to curb global warming worthwhile," Regan said in an e-mail. "If Russell Station just went back to coal, anything else our city did to stop global warming would have been negligible."

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