Friday, December 14, 2007

New Boon for Great Lakes Region?

Since observing the news about the great droughts going on in the South and West (and the possible diversion of waters to those regions) I’ve also thought that our area’s loss of population to the South and West might be not only stemmed, but increased if the public thought of the advantage of our area having so much fresh water. Within this century, the one that might see dramatic changes in climate, it could be true that populations and industry might gravitate towards areas with lost of fresh, clean water.

Check this story out from Syracuse. We in Rochester will probably joining the bandwagon in the near future. And, this can have good and bad consequences, depending on how this new paradigm is handled. One good way would be to insure that our waters remain clean and fresh and attractive to any one wanting to move here or set up a business. Onondaga County to rest of nation: Plenty of fresh, clean water here ... - Could the Southeast's water woes bring companies and jobs to Central New York? Onondaga County's economic development office thinks so. Starting next month and continuing through March, it will launch an advertising campaign touting the county's abundant supply of clean water and available land at a 250-acre site in Clay the county is trying to turn into a business park. (Dec 14, 07) News, Sports, Entertainment, Video, and Life in Central New York -

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