Saturday, December 29, 2007

Erie Canal In Brighton

Erie Canal In Brighton: "Erie Canal In Brighton

Photos by Jay Greenberg

This is a collection of photos made during walks along the canal between S. Clinton Ave. and Winton Rd. This is my favorite walk in Brighton because of the many birds, other animals, and plants found in the area as well as the undeveloped open space which is now threatened by a development proposal. Perhaps the most notable feature of the area is the abandoned pastures of the former Gonsenhauser Farm. They provide increasingly scarce habitat for grassland bird species such as bobolinks, savannah sparrows, and eastern meadowlarks that are in serious decline nationally, primarily due to habitat loss. I've seen at least 85 bird species in the area over the years. To see my canal bird list, my 1998 Brighton-Pittsford Post guest editorial on the importance of the pastures as habitat for grassland birds, and my comments to the town board on the proposed development, click on the links below."

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