Monday, June 05, 2017

Speaking out against US Paris Accord withdrawal in Rochester

Friday’s (6/2/2017) rally in front of the Federal Building in Rochester to protest Trump pulling out the US from the Paris Accord was an expression of outrage, then determination, and then inspiration.

Listen to Linda and Abby describe the Rochester People’s Climate Coalition’s reaction to Trump’s “stupid and reckless” move that has been condemned worldwide.

Though thunderstruck by Trump’s recklessness that will have severe consequences to our environment, our economy, and our international relationships, we are more than Trump.  The nations of the world (all but two) that signed on to the Paris Accord must see us not Trump.  

Because of Trump’s reckless decision, people from all walks of life are coming together to address Climate Change with more urgency and resolve than ever.  Despite negative actions of The Unwilling, most of humanity recognizes threat Climate Change presents to us and are willing to do what must be done to make our children’s future possible.

Time is not on our side anymore, as we have passed 410ppm of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Unlike any other issue we face, addressing Climate Change has a deadline. And though we don’t know exactly where that deadline is, we dare not exceed it.

Time passes. 

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