Monday, December 19, 2016

Get EPA’s climate indicators 2016 while you can

If you only have about forty-five minutes to learn everything you need to know about Climate Change, a good source would be the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Climate Change Indicators in the United States 2016 Fourth Edition. Considering the massive changes coming to the EPA (probably not in a good way), I highly recommend you download this report soon. Very soon. You can both view and download the full report here. This report is peer-reviewed, amazingly easy to read, and organized for quick comprehension. It’s the fourth since the EPA started publishing them in 2010.

The report is framed around 37 climate indicators.

Why Use Indicators? One important way to track and communicate the causes and effects of climate change is through the use of indicators. An indicator represents the state or trend of certain environmental or societal conditions over a given area and a specified period of time. (Page 3, Climate Change Indicators in the United States 2016 Fourth Edition)

Considering all the rubbish being bandied about by those who either don’t know or care to know about this present warming phenomenon occurring on our planet, you’d think everyone would want to go check out the most accessible and compelling facts by the most respected (at least for now) environmental agency in the world.

It isn’t the EPA’s job to create the data for these reports, it’s their job, their responsibility (at least for now), to assemble the facts behind our government’s obligation to inform and protect the public. Because this report is the fourth, it builds on what has happened with our climate since the first three.

If each editor of each mainstream media outlet took a few moments to read this official document, it might go far in producing responsible reporting on Climate Change. Responsible reporting on Climate Change might well have avoided putting a climate denier into our country’s highest office, along with his cabinet choices who will most probably do their utmost to undo what centuries of science has attempted to do—inform humanity correctly as to what’s going on in our world.

How Is This Report Useful? Climate Change Indicators in the United States, 2016, is written with the primary goal of informing readers’ understanding of climate change. It is also designed to be useful for the public, scientists, analysts, decision-makers, educators, and others who can use climate change indicators as a tool for: Effectively communicating relevant climate science information in a sound, transparent, and easy-to-understand way. Assessing trends in environmental quality, factors that influence the environment, and effects on ecosystems and society. Informing science-based decision-making. (Page 4, IBID)

There is a tendency towards focusing on the fine details when reading reports. But in this case, while the numbers themselves are cause for concern, it’s the bigger picture humanity needs to understand: We have put into motion a planetary event that we barely understand and whose outcome we cannot entirely predict and may not be able to stop. 


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