Saturday, April 19, 2014

This Earth Day demand that your media report on Climate Change

CCSpeakThough many were invited, only one media in Rochester NY reported on state expert’s presentation of Climate Change’s local effects. Climate Change is not only happening, it is happening in Rochester, NY—just like it is all over the world. Mostly, as you attend to local Rochester media there’s nary a mention of Climate Change.

Folks, this is not merely disappointing, disappointing that our local media cannot get off their collective butts and check out what the state of New York is doing about Climate Change, it is an outrage! The latest IPCC reports make it clear we (meaning all of us) are not going to reach a tolerable level of greenhouse gases unless we make a dramatic turn in our behavior towards fossil fuel use.

Thankfully, we have at least one publication, Rochester City Newspaper, who feels compelled to report on local activity on the most important crisis in our time. This Earth Day demand that your media report on Climate Change; do not shrug your shoulders and say there is nothing you can do.

Please, read:

Making the case for local communities to act on climate change Drastic cuts in global carbon dioxide emissions are necessary to prevent the worst effects of climate change. Still, decades of human-generated carbon emissions have already locked the planet into some degree of warming and change, climate scientists say. In other words, the only relevant question is, just how bad will it be? And the answer depends on whether countries across the world can agree to sharp cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, chiefly carbon dioxide. Local governments should, at a minimum, develop plans to deal with current and anticipated hazards caused by climate trends, such as flooding and strong storms, said Mark Lowery, a climate policy analyst with the State Office of Climate Change. Lowery was the featured speaker at the Rochester chapter of the Sierra Club's annual environmental forum, which was held last night at First Unitarian Church. "The costs of action pale in comparison to the costs of inaction," Lowery said. (April 18, 2014, Rochester City Newspaper)

Over three hundred folks listened to Mr. Lowery and asked pointed questions on the local effects of Climate Change. Soon we will post a video of the presentation here and it will wow! you with the calm, clear deliberation of the world as it is, a warming world that the state is addressing. In the meantime, listen to the WXXI podcast of the interview before the Rochester Sierra Club’s 2014 Earth Day Forum: "Climate Smart Communities: Let’s Get With the Program"

One last point on Climate Change and the urgency of acting: At some point, soon I suspect, climate studies will no longer include low emission scenarios because they will have been exceeded. When this occurs it will be a great tragedy because it will highlight a great lack of will by humanity to heed its climate experts, giving into the despair that we cannot summon the will to protect our future from ourselves. When we are left with only high emission scenarios—extremely high temperatures, extreme weather, and a lot more—all the excuses in the world won’t mean a thing to those who will follow us and have to struggle with the consequences.

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