Saturday, July 06, 2013

The one point about Climate Change that all would agree


CCStudiesThere is but one point on the very contentious but still over-ignored issue of Climate Change that most would agree on and that is this: Relatively few of the world’s population have actually read a Climate Change study.

For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, all the distain, denial, and dismissal on this issue, few have actually sat down in a chair, put their feet up, opened a Climate Change study, and carefully read its contents.

Overwhelmingly, most have heard or read about Climate Change from second or third-hand sources. Perhaps most think Climate Change studies the esoteric minutia that would only interest the arcane fascination of climate scientists, or environmental professionals.

But think. Shouldn’t we give our life support system the courtesy (free of political and other propaganda) a few moments of our time to read at least one of the objective research papers on what the majority of climate scientists believe is occurring to our planet?

After all, it took four billion of years for life on this planet to produce a brainy species like ours to evolve and thousands of years more to develop a reliable process for us speak for the planet, a process called the scientific method.

That process, painstakingly robust, is talking to us in the form of peer-reviewed, scientific (yet, very readable) climate studies and they are saying “Please, pay attention to this.”

You can find many Climate Change studies here and they are free.

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