Monday, December 17, 2012

Our media is evolving, hopefully in time


I’ve been writing and posting environmental stories on the Internet since the mid-1990’s. What’s most impressed me over that time is that our environmental information has vastly increased and our environment issues more dire (especially with Fracking and Climate Change).  But US mainstream media has been totally inept at keeping the public informed on why they need to pay attention to this information. 

Mainstream media doesn’t connect the dots between Climate Change and Fracking and environmental issues like plastics in our Great Lakes.  The editors of mainstream media are still operating on the model that the public has to be pandered to with nonsense they don’t need but make them feel good—sports scores and political shenanigans.  These editors have no idea of what objective journalism means on a planet that is warming.  They still think our environment just another special interest. 

I have been watching EcoWatch for some time and I believe they are an excellent example of the new media.  They know how to write articles full of links to backup points made and connect the dots to other environmental issues that are related.  They know how to include actions that folks can do, instead of being overwhelmed by the bad news.  They provide stories from experts from all fields. They know how to connect with social media and get folks moving.  

Our media needs to become more like EcoWatch and less like mainstream media because if we don’t we are going to become blind to the kind of consequences a deteriorating environment and Climate Change bring.

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