Friday, October 19, 2012

Some Fracking/Brownfield questions before New York State takes the plunge


Doesn’t the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation have enough to do cleaning up Brownfields without the specter of Fracking?

Shouldn’t these basic questions be considered before New York State even considers Fracking:

  • How many Brownfields does NYS have now?
  • How many Brownfields are getting cleaned up?
  • Shouldn’t we get the existing Brownfields cleaned up before we start Fracking?
  • How many personnel does the DEC have on cleaning up Brownfields and how many will they need to monitor Fracking wells?
  • Why should we the people of New York State trust the Fracking industry with its bad record of environmental performance to run a clean environmental operation when our state already has a large burden of Brownfields as an albatross around our necks?
  • Wouldn’t it make a lot more environmental sense to clean up the abuses of past industries in our state and watch how the Fracking industry treats Pennsylvania before we Frack New York State?

I know, many folks think we gotta get jobs from Fracking because we are desperate—but we are not. Up renewable energy and wait to Frack makes a lot more sense than appeasing the Fracking industry and drilling lease holders. Fracking New York State is not like putting up wind farms and solar panels, which you can take down if that isn’t working out. Fracking, once adopted by New York State, is forever.

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