Monday, October 15, 2012

Cuomo ‘in a very lonely place” on Fracking


A candidate for New York State Senate accused ‘celebrity’ opposition to Fracking in New York State that puts Governor Cuomo “in a very lonely place”.

I think Cuomo is “in a very lonely place” because he is truly agonizing whether or not Fracking is a responsible thing to do. 

He’s agonizing because the fossil fuel industry is hounding him about the leases they’ve already bought up and want a return on their money—despite what this might do to NYS’s environment. 

He’s agonizing because our state, the Empire State, and a leader since Teddy Roosevelt and FDR in environmental stewardship and does not want NYS to devolve to a resource curse.

Cuomo is agonizing because he knows how easy it is for a politician to promise instant fossil fuel jobs (even though they will continue to warm our planet) when renewable energy would provide better long-term jobs and help our environment. 

Cuomo is agonizing because his public, the New York State citizenry, is not giving him a clear signal they understand the complexity of this Fracking New York State issue and are willing to demonstrate that conviction.   

One way the public can demonstrate their commitment to a Frack-free New York, is to have a major county, Monroe County, put a ban on all Fracking related activities. 

Folks in Monroe County can demonstrate that online here:   Monroe County, show Cuomo the way!  

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