Thursday, September 27, 2012

Will baby steps solve Climate Change? Sure would be convenient for US economics and politics.


Good article Climate's politics problem and I wish this was not the last in a series on Climate Change by Rochester City Newspaper, but a continual series, as Climate Change is becoming more of an issue, not less.

Also, regardless of who gets elected president, one of them will have to address the “THE NATIONAL GLOBAL CHANGE RESEARCH PLAN: 2012-2021” that was release in April by President Obama:

“The Obama Administration today released a 10-year strategic plan for research related to global change, identifying priorities that will help state and local governments, businesses, and communities prepare for anticipated changes in the global environment, including climate change, in the decades ahead.” Administration Releases 10-Year Global Change Strategic Plan

Finally, It’s interesting to hear statements like "It really helps to frame it in different terms instead of vague climate change," because this kind of backdoor strategy for solving one of the greatest issues of our times seems to have caught the imagination of many.

If anything, it’s convenient to believe that Climate Change, the warming of our entire atmosphere, can be solved if it accommodates our crazy economics and loony politics. But it doesn’t work that way. It’s the other way around.

In order to solve Climate Change (and this is what most do not want to hear) we are going to have to change our economics so that our environment is not simply a negative externality and our politics so that ideology gives way to reality.

Baby steps, little changes here and little changes there, by individuals, business, and political leaders sounds nice, but baby steps will not turn back our atmosphere’s carbon dioxide concentration from its present 394ppm to what many experts believe should be at 350ppm.

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