Monday, September 17, 2012

A Great Big “Thank You!” to the Rochester, NY Greentopia Festival.


We thank the folks over at the Greentopia Festival for another great year of focusing a laser beam on environmental issues in our Rochester region.

The Greentopia Festival in Rochester, NY is now a major conduit for bringing together the public, films, music, art, environmental groups, local businesses large and small, and the media to have a conversation about our environment.

That is no small accomplishment.

In these extraordinary times when our planet is heating up from Climate Change and our politics buries itself deeper into traditional pockets of denial, this festival and others like it highlight how the realization that our environmental situation is very important to the public.

When people come out and talk to each other about the major issues facing our region—Climate Change, Fracking, recycling, energy conservation, energy efficiency, water quality, and much more—the barriers set up by our traditional silos of informational insularity break down and we become the stewards of our planet.

We the people, that is. Not isolated groups with lots of money.

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