Monday, August 13, 2012

Politics, inside the belway, and Climate Change:


I’ve been listening to the Slate’s Political Gabfest for years and I think this is the first time the Gabfest crew discussed Climate Change at any length.

It’s interesting because the discussion highlights Washington inside the belt way thinking on the greatest issue of our time: It says to me that those who analyze politics in Washington, DC are clueless as to the issue of Climate Change, thinking they can watch something like a train wreck as if they were someplace safe alongside the tracks and not on the train.

With Climate Change, we are all on the train. Even the media will go headlong into the crash unless they start piping up and get the conductor’s attention.

You would think that such smart folks following such important issues as they do in Washington, DC would start to feel as sense of alarm and responsibility about changing the political intransigence on Climate Change, instead of merely noting the toxic nature of bringing Climate Change into the political discussions.

If we cannot talk about Climate Change during the presidential elections, when can we talk about it?

The Ode to Nixon Gabfest “Listen to Slate's show about Mitt Romney’s tax plan, shifting public attitudes on climate change, and a New Yorker profile of Paul Ryan. Emily talks about a new study by James Hansen on extreme weather events—Hansen has a Washington Post op-ed that summarizes his findings. Anthony talks about his research on American opinions about climate change. An update to his “Six Americas” survey is here. Bill McKibben’s recent piece in Rolling Stone argues for the creation of a political movement around climate change.” (August 10, 2012) Slate’s Political Gabfest

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