Monday, August 27, 2012

Bottom of the ninth on Fracking New York State, but it’s not over


Ok team. I know; it looks bad. We had the home-town advantage and somehow we blew it. We’re trailing far behind. I know that. The other team, heady with imminent victory, is already popping their Champagne corks. Sure, they didn’t completely walk all over us. Those moratoriums we threw down have slowed them up considerably. But let’s face it, if they pass Fracking, they’ll kill Home Rule and there will be a complete rout.

We knew it would be tough. The other side has already clobbered many other states with shale gas, one by one. I know, it’s galling. They haven’t played fair. They don’t have to disclose their Fracking chemicals so none of us know what the hell they’re using against us. And, there’s not enough refs to make sure the wells are drilled according to our state’s laws. They’ve poured millions into ads misleading the public into thinking Fracking can be done safely and with no harm to the environment. That’s weird because we don’t even get a clause about public health into the Fracking rules. Can you believe that! And yeah, even though a major documentary shows other folk’s water starting on fire, somehow or other we’re supposed to think drinking fire water is good for us.

Get this. They’re going to tear up our roads and leave us with the bill. On top of that they’re going to send their Fracking waste, whatever’s in that goop, through our wastewater treatment plants that we have to freaking build for them! I know, you’re mad as hell. We’ve been hoodwinked, out-spent and if that’s not enough there’s a mad California Gold Rush thing going on with Fracking even though this summer’s heatwave has convinced just about everyone but a few deadbeat deniers that Climate Change is going to cook our kids. It looks grim.

But it’s not over. There’s still time. I know you folks have it in you. You’re New Yorkers, for goodness sake. Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt, New York State governors, then presidents of our country stood tall on environmental issues. We endured Love Canal but then got the Environmental Protection Agency started. We have the strongest environmental regulations in the country. We’re not pushovers. We can do it. We can develop a sensible energy policy without Fracking, without spoiling our water, without warming the planet, without threatening our sovereignty, and without tearing up our countryside’s underpants with a zillion miles of rock-exploding gas pipes.

Good grief. We out-number them. There are 19,465,197 New York State citizens. We don’t need Fracking; the gas industry needs it so they can make a lot of money off our natural resources. It won’t give us half the jobs solar and wind power will. We have environmental science on our side and believe me our lakes and streams can do just fine without Fracking fluids filling fish gills, thank you very much. We also have the precautionary principle on our side, which says if you don’t know what the hell your doing, stop doing that! We won’t let New York State be another one of their guinea pigs.

Ok, here’s my last pitch before I send you out for the last inning. This isn’t a game. The health of our environment is not a sport. We should be, at this point in our evolution, smart enough not to threaten our environment’s future when Climate Change is upon us. Blaming the governor after the first Fracking spill won’t bring our drinking water back. We have to win. Get to Albany, NY on Monday, August 27th, sign up for the ‘Don’t Frack New York Rally’, and give’m hell.

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