Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tim DeChristopher film, “Bidder 70”, comes to Rochester, NY


We are happy that the film “Bidder 70” is coming to Rochester, NY for the Greentopia Film Festival in September—exact time and date are not set yet.

If you are not familiar with Tim DeChristoper’s Climate Change challenge to the fossil fuel industry check out this site: The Trial of Tim DeChristopher | Peaceful Uprising.

Most of us, those of us who understand the ramifications of Climate Change to our environment and our future existence, are willing to do something to affect change on the morbid stagnation of addressing Climate Change in the news, in this year’s presidential election and amongst a public in deep denial.

Few, like Climate Change champion Tim DeChristopher, are willing to move out of their comfort zone and shake up a system that is addicted to fossil fuels.

Bidding for public property to keep it out of the hands of oil barons with no collateral except his convictions, DeChristoper has become an icon of Climate Change awareness. Thanks mostly to the loony idea that the fossil fuel industry, with their insanely rich lawyers, can have people thrown into prison for upsetting their goal to warm up the planet; Tim has to stay awhile at the Crowbar Hotel.

But not forever.

A film on his heroic battle cannot be thrown into prison and gets to come to places like Rochester, NY and inform the public on Climate Change and what it’s going to take to survive our addiction to a way of life that is not sustainable.

Find out about the trial of Time DeChristopher and come to the September showing of “Bidder 70” by checking here: Greentopia | FILM | Rochester, NY. We hear one or two of those involved in the film will be available after the showing to answer your questions about this amazing tale of someone willing to wage peaceful battle for all our future.

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