Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recycling for our environment and our municipal health


I got to attend the second meeting of the Buffalo Recycling Alliance, a multi-group alliance in Buffalo, NY to address these recycling issues: Businesses, especially restaurants, muti-family unit recycling, residential recycling, school and university recycling, recycling for special events, recycling as art, composing, and communication.

We don’t yet have an umbrella group like this in Rochester, NY for pulling effort of many groups towards increasing our region’s recycling rate. But we’re working on that.

This quote from the alliance is about Buffalo, and I’m sure pertains to Rochester and most cities in NY and beyond, “Potential Savings |The City has to pay to tip its garbage, but it gets paid for its recyclables; thus, the City estimates that it saves about $150,000 for every 3,500 tons of waste recycled, and that every one percent increase in the recycling rate will save the City between $70,000 and $100,000.” (from Reshaping Buffalo’s Recycling Initiatives)

So, recycling isn’t just the law, it’s really a great way to decrease city spending (every city as to provide its inhabitants with clean water and take away garbage) and increase your city’s revenue.

Groups that help businesses and residents and schools recycle are helping the sustainability of their environment and their city.

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