Friday, July 20, 2012

‘Island President’ film in Rochester, escaping to reality


The filming of the Island President by the Greentopia Festival at the Little Theatre was a great experience, a real-life experience.

Usually, we go to the movies to escape reality, but increasingly, because the dysfunctional mainstream media and our government fail to connect the dots between Climate Change and the extreme weather around us and rising sea levels, we have to go to the movies to get real.

Last night, we got real, watching the Maldives’ President’s struggle to get the world to understand that his 3,000 old culture was about to be overwhelmed by Climate Change via flooding from a rising sea. At the Copenhagen talks, the president made a difference. This guy is Mr. Relentless.

After the film we, the audience, the folks wanting to get a glimpse of the real world amidst a world being consumed by a media that had failed to enter Climate Change into our political debates as we elect another president and a couple of candidates who won’t say ‘Climate Change’ because it’s too toxic, had a chance to speak with the producer/director, Jon Shenk.

One of the interesting parts of the exchange between audience and director was Jon’s observation that young adults, folks under twenty-five, ‘get’ Climate Change because they have grown up with it. The reality that is coming is a reality that is warming and a reality where more and more are becoming aware of that reality—and who’s responsible for that reality.

There are going to be more opportunities to join in real life film events, where you can escape consumerism and denial for awhile, and engage with other who want a sustainable, livable, world for all.

Quite a few films are coming up with Rochester’s first string of eco-documentaries where the audience has a chance to escape to reality via the Greentopia | FILM | Rochester, NY. Check this site for all the films and times and music and participation in reality that is coming your way.

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