Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Blame for Climate Change has what to do with Climate Change?


What interested me most about this article Who’s ‘Most to Blame’ for Global Warming? - ABC News was not the result that the United States was the main culprit for most of the anthropomorphic greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, but where this story came from - ABC news. Most of us following this crisis already knew that.

As we try to negotiate Climate Change from the top down, that is from governments agreeing on policies that will have enough widespread authority and synergy with other governments so they are all on the same page instead of working against each other, it will be important to assess what countries have put the most GHGs up into our atmosphere and who needs to do the most to get it out of our atmosphere. I agree with that.

But, blame? In the future as the consequences of Climate Change really kicks in there will be a lot of blame to go around.

However fascinating that will be for our courts, right now the slow entry into the informing the public, connecting the dots of extreme weather events to Climate Change can be blamed on mainstream media.

They aren’t doing their job to inform the public of how critical it is that the public not only get informed as to who is the blame but how nothing on a scale large enough to affect something so incredible vast as our atmosphere will be accomplished without the public’s widespread support. It is mainstream media where most folks get their news about what is supposed to be important to them in a Democracy.

Mostly, mainstream media is filled with sport scores, celebrity shenanigans, and the continual framing of energy and environmental issues so that the status quo is not disturbed. Mostly, for the past thirty years, mainstream media has reported ‘doubt’ about the science behind Climate Change and left the public paralyzed, instead of informing them about how great possibility of putting so much GHGs into our atmosphere would cause us so much harm in the future.

By the time US mainstream media properly informs the public of all the implications of Climate Change, we won’t have much time to blame anyone. We’ll be too busy adapting to Climate Change while mainstream media continues to spin doubt. This particular article is a good start on recognizing Climate Change, but it’s only the tiniest beginning:

Who’s ‘Most to Blame’ for Global Warming? - ABC News The USA — by a Long Shot 5 simple graphs show it – undisputed bedrock facts for any solution. Who’s most to blame for global warming? Nobody meant it to happen. But it has, and there’s no debate among the world’s scientists about which country is “most responsible.” That is, about which nation has injected the greatest amount of the heat-trapping invisible gas CO2 into to the atmosphere, where a lot of it remains for years, piling up and only adding to the heat.  (July 23, 2012) ABCNews.com - Breaking News, Latest News & Top Video News - ABC News

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