Saturday, June 16, 2012

The tragic sense of American Climate Change denial


Tragically Americans have stopped listening to the facts on anthropomorphic accelerated Climate Change for a variety of reasons. Many of their ‘reasons’ would sound sound if Climate Change wasn’t actually happening. Because of the economy, high cost solutions, positive spin works better than negative spin, focus should be on jobs, national security is more relevant, the Republicans won the House, Climate Change is getting old, it’s too depressing, and there’s no dramatic point at which Climate Change seems to present a clear and present danger American have fallen into denial on the greatest challenge to our existence--ever.

Here’s a great encapsulation of the American Climate Change denial:

Introduction: 10 Reasons Americans Aren’t Talking About Climate Change - US News & World Report "While many in Washington still warn about the dangers of carbon emissions and climate change, the reality, and perhaps the one thing that experts on both sides of the debate agree on, is that Americans are paying less attention to global warming than they have in the past. TV network news and print coverage of the issue in the United States reached its peak around mid-2006 and into the first three quarters of 2007, but since then it has dropped dramatically. Public interest in the issue has also dwindled; a recent Gallup poll showed that Americans rated global warming as the environmental problem they worried about the least. So, what’s caused this gradual decline of public interest? Here are some of the reasons why Americans are talking about climate change less than in recent years. " Breaking National and World News - US News

It’s tragic because warming is changing the climate all over the world, though at different rates with some catastrophes like flooding and droughts occurring disproportionally. It’s tragic because the benefiters (the fossil fuel industry) and causers are the one capitalizing on the public’s disinterest in Climate Change, which will put more greenhouse gases into our atmosphere and accelerate warming even more.

Of course there are more reasons why American denies Climate Change. Economic and social justice, where the majority would have to commit their consciences and their money to help the less fortunate to adapt to Climate Change is probably the top reason. For example, there would have to be a more robust public health system in place to protect the less fortunate with air conditioning and shelter with the extended heat waves predicted for our region—not to mention the increase in vector-driven (by misquotes) diseases like Lyme disease, West Nile Virus, and even malaria that will become more prevalent.

There are also the billions being poured into our mainstream media to pollute the public with Climate Change denial that panders to the public hope that this problem of physics is fantasy.

For whatever reasons Americans can come up with to not pay attention to Climate Change it is not going to stop Climate Change. Denial is going to accelerate it. The tragic sense of American Climate Change denial is that most folks think they are living their lives to make the world the better place for their children, but if we don’t address Climate Change en masse it won’t be a better place. It will be a warmer place on the road to no place.

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