Monday, June 11, 2012

Out doing some traffic calming.

Traffic Calming

My wife and I were out paining the streets yesterday with a lot of other folks. It was the HPNA's big BoulevArt Project.

The whole intersection of Meigs and Linden was closed off from vehicular traffic so something new could happen.

Besides something different, something beautiful, something that engaged the whole neighborhood—grand kids, mothers, fathers, and grandparents—one element of the project was traffic calming. Rochester has many plans to increase active transportation (walking and bicycling) with their City of Rochester | ROC the Bike! Program and this new idea to paint the streets in another.

Folks see a vibrant neighborhood displaying some care and concern. Along with some interesting art, it all encourages drivers to slow down and appreciate their visit, instead of dashing by at an unsafe speed.

It encourages people to walk for those short distances from their home and not burn greenhouse gases.

The world is warming and we all need to do something about that.

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