Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Let’s not get too excited about local media awards.


Excuse me if I don’t get excited over this news that Rochester, NY area media won all sorts of media awards. Please. There is so much news the local media is not reporting on that they should not be getting any awards at all.

Our local media could be reporting on Brownfields getting cleaned up, connecting the dots between the state and federal Climate Change studies and our local environment, they could be continuing to inform the public about the importance of Recycling and sharing the roads with active transportation (Bicycling and walking) instead of pushing the hottest new gas guzzler.

Our local media should explain the relationship between energy use and Climate Change and how the underprivileged are going to cope with in extended heat waves that are coming. In short, there is so much the local media is not doing to inform the Rochester, NY area public about what they should know and spewing out so much nonsense about what they don’t need to know, that this exuberance over media awards is delusional.

Stations win statewide broadcasting awards | Rochester Business Journal New York business news and information Rochester radio and television stations captured eight awards Monday night at the New York State Broadcasters Association’s annual Awards for Excellence in Broadcasting. (June 19, 2012) Home | Rochester Business Journal New York business news and information

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