Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Saving the planet or saving the symbol?


Wouldn’t it be far more sustainable for the polar bear species to save the arctic ice by stopping greenhouse gases in our atmosphere than artificial insemination?

It seems like someone who is searching for their lost keys in a lighted parking lot, instead of the parking lot where there’s no light. In other words, it is delusional to think we are saving the arctic by saving the most charismic species of the arctic.

How can artificial insemination save the polar bear if there is nowhere for the polar bear species to live but a zoo—an artificial environment? The polar bear evolved to live and thrive and become one with the arctic and now that the arctic ice is melting and shows no signs of coming back in the foreseeable future why are we keeping saving the bear?

So, in a thousand years, when we finally start doing something about Climate Change we can put them in a great big box, fly them back to the arctic, open it up, place some seals around, and fly away? We’re fooling ourselves if we think Climate Change is about saving polar bears.

The polar bear has become a symbol of saving the arctic, but saving the symbol will not save the arctic. Read on:

Seneca Park Zoo attempts world's first artificial insemination of polar bear A scientific breakthrough at the Seneca Park Zoo could have an important effect on the global polar bear population, in addition to providing a much-needed assist for the zoo’s resident bachelor. Aurora, a 22-year-old female polar bear and the denmate of the cubless male Zero, is likely pregnant after being on the receiving end of the world’s first artificial insemination of a polar bear, zoo officials said Tuesday. (May 2, 2012) Democrat and Chronicle

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