Saturday, April 21, 2012

Will the Governor of NYS do the right thing on Climate Change?


Hope Governor Cuomo listens to his better angels and reconvenes the New York Climate Action Council and stops Fracking, which will fuel more warming because drilling for nature gas will release more greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.

Six hundred pages from the “Climate Action Plan Interim Report” and the 600+ pages of the Report 11-18 Response to Climate Change in New York State (ClimAID) completely capture the environmental issues that will be coming to New York State because of Climate Change should not be squashed because the governor will not reconvene this critical group and address Climate Change as reported in Water-Ready Map: Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources just released by the NRDC. 

When you go to the section on NYS New York it says several pages in “Since the inauguration of Governor Andrew Cuomo in January 2011, the [New York State Climate Action] council has not reconvened, nor has state agency staff been directed to complete a climate action plan.”

A quiet funeral where the Governor allows previous efforts by this agency to address Climate Change would leave our state vulnerable to the Likely Changes coming because of Climate Change in our state.

Our leaders cannot bury the facts that our region and all regions on this planet are going to change radically because of Climate Change.

Because without leadership from our leaders on adapting to and mitigating Climate Change there will be no actions sufficient for an entire state to actually make the necessary changes.

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