Thursday, March 08, 2012

The 2012 Great Disconnect: During the presidential elections no talk of Climate Change.


Though we are social creatures and are heavily swayed by conformity and conventionality, we are also a reasonable species. At the core of our being is the thread finely weaved of four-billion years of survivors who learned about their environment so they could struggle successfully against our enemies and the harsh elements to arrive at this critical point.

We are now the stewards of this planet, whose every action affects our environment and everything else on this planet.

Incredibly (and many still haven’t ‘got’ it yet), how we use energy is going to determine the climate of our planet and this will determine our future and the rest of life on this planet.

Our planet is warming due to our activities. Don’t sit this one out. Get a sense of the gravity of our situation from a scientist committed to informing the public on Climate Change:

James Hansen TED Talk: 'Why I Must Speak Out About Climate Change' (VIDEO) Climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, began a recent TED talk with two important questions. He asks, "What do I know that would cause me -- a reticent, midwestern scientist -- to get myself arrested in front of the White House protesting? And what would you do if you knew what I know?" Hansen explains that his work as a climate scientist dates back to 1981 and a paper he co-authored on global warming. He and his colleagues found that "observed warming of 0.4 C in the prior century was consistent with the greenhouse effect of increasing CO2." He says that they also found, "that Earth would likely warm in the 1980s, and warming would exceed the noise level of random weather by the end of the century."  (March 7, 2012) Green News, Environmental Issues and Eco-Living - HuffPost Green

We must find a way to take this discussion to the media’s coverage of the US presidential elections and make the candidates defend their policies on the most critical issue of this century.

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