Monday, February 13, 2012

14th Annual Environmental Forum, April 19, Rochester Sierra Club


14th Annual Environmental Forum, April 19- you’re the first to know! 
Thursday, April 19, doors open at 6pm
  Here in upstate New York, we may not think access to clean water is or ever could be much of a problem. We live in the Great Lakes Basin, on the shore of bountiful Lake Ontario and near the beautiful Finger Lakes.  We use both as sources of drinking water and are fortunate to be able to do so.  But the threats of hydro-fracking and climate change loom large—our precious water may be greatly depleted.  Seem far-fetched for such large supplies of water?  In the past 40 years, the Aral Sea-- the world’s fourth largest lake in the 1960s, the equivalent volume of Lake Huron and Lake Erie combined-- has been drained 90% to grow cotton in the desert.  Could the same thing happen here? 
On April 19th, join us for an evening with Jim Olson, a Michigan environmental attorney who has been fighting for 40 years for everyone’s right to the clean water that sustains life.  Jim is a worldwide leader in protecting water as a “common good” against those who would privatize water to make a profit, leaving those who cannot pay to go without.  Jim’s legal efforts are based on the premise that all of us and future generations have a right to clean drinking water. 
Jim appears in the film “Blue Gold: Water Wars,” and was responsible for a significant victory over one of the Nestle Company’s bottling operations which was adversely impacting the Muskegon River.  We are privileged to be bringing him to Rochester.   After Jim speaks, he and several panelists-- experts in the fields of the challenges we face regarding water depletion-- will answer your questions.  You will not want to miss this Forum!
You are the first to know, dear readers.  Please help us to spread the word.  More details forthcoming.
Film Blue Gold:
Jim speaking on water as a “common good”:

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