Saturday, December 03, 2011

How depraved can these fossil fuel industries get?


A friend sent me this story yesterday and mentioned the fourth paragraph in the article “The changes have wide implications, from opening new sources of offshore oil, gas, and minerals to speeding the release of heat-trapping methane into the atmosphere as permafrost melts.”

So just how depraved is this: the fossil fuel industries warm the planet and when it warms they find new places to drill because the ice is melting on the Arctic?

So, not only are the fossil fuel companies not denying the Climate Change Crisis, they are embracing it so they can drill—baby-drill into a Venus-like planet.

An oil spill is bad anywhere you have one, but an oil spill in the virgin Arctic is especially bad because it is such fragile ecology.

We are so going to cook on our own planet because we are increasingly losing control over it because of the might of corporations. Got air conditioners?

CSM: Global warming creates 'new normal' in Arctic - World news - Christian Science Monitor - 'It is troubling how fast the change is proceeding,' scientist says | Global warming has brought a "new normal" to the Arctic, with warmer air and ocean temperatures, thinner and less expansive summer sea ice, and greener vegetation in coastal regions abutting the open water. In addition, longer periods of open water during the annual sea-ice melt season is allowing the ocean to take up more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, leading to seasonal bouts of ocean acidification in some areas.  (December 2, 2011) - Breaking news, science and tech news, world news, US news, local news-

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