Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting some perspective on our planet’s extreme weather and natural disasters.


Not to push the morbid display of things that often go wrong with our planet’s machinations, some of which are a response to our treatment of Earth, here are some interesting photos of our Earth from satellites far above us. (See below.)

Maybe this lofty view high above the maddening crowds is the view we should be thinking of when we act locally and aggregate our effects of Nature. We might not allow legislation to go forth that spews million of more tons of fossil fuels into our atmosphere if we could visualize on a planetary scale the consequences of that.

Our consciousness will expand and we’ll finally, through our thoughts, acts, and deeds, speak for Planet Earth.

NASA Images of 2011: e360 Gallery The past year will go down as one in which extreme weather, and major natural disasters, took a heavy toll across the globe. Some of the most unforgettable images of these events — and of the planet’s natural cycles — were taken high above Earth by NASA satellites.  (December 27, 2011) Yale Environment 360: Opinion, Analysis, Reporting & Debate

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