Monday, December 05, 2011

Getting the nickel-cadmium, sealed lead, lithium ion, and nickel metal hydride out of our landfills


Find out about getting rid of those rechargeable batteries around the house--properly. A new law has come into effect today, though the onus is on the manufacturers and retailers of recyclable batteries at this time.

We encourage all residents to use this opportunity to Recycle properly these batteries which have heavy metals in them so they don’t go into landfills.

You can take them back to the places that sold you the rechargeable batteries, store them in a can and take them to the Monroe County recycling center when its filled, or store them until a local recycling event that includes them occurs.

There are many such events in the Rochester region, where we post these events on our calendar and newsletter. Here is the reference for the new law

Rechargeable Battery Recycling - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation “Beginning December 5, 2011, no "person" (as defined in Subdivision 1-0303(18) of the Environmental Conservation Law available on the right side of this page under "Links Leaving DEC's Website") shall knowingly dispose of covered rechargeable batteries as solid waste at any time in the state.”

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