Thursday, November 10, 2011 supports the mission of the Occupy Rochester movement.


We as a nation are moving rapidly towards a more and more unsustainable future that cannot be resolved under the present Plutocracy that has become America—where money dominates our politics, our environment, and even our morality. 

Climate Change is upon us and will have many Likely Changes in the Rochester, NY region. 

Some actions are being address in our area to comeback Climate Change but not enough and not quickly enough. 

The prevailing notion of our present business/government set up is that we can adapt and mitigate Climate Change by accomplishing ad hoc measures—like changing light bulbs.  But to reduce our concentration of greenhouse gases (GHG), in particular carbon dioxide, from its present level of 385 parts per million (ppm) to the optimum of 350 ppm, and change something as incredibly large as our atmosphere, we have to move faster and with everyone’s participation.

Occupy Rochester describes the kind of upheaval in conventional thinking and practices that will be needed to put our environment on a sustainable path.

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