Friday, October 14, 2011

When the GOP grows up we can have an adult conversation about our future and our environment


Not only is the GOP trying to gut the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which educates and regulates environmental practices on a federal level and tries to address Climate Change, the GOP is pulling the ‘Freedom to buy’ card to pander to those who don’t read or care about our environment. Adults inform themselves and take responsibility for their actions. Not the GOP. They have a childish devotion to the laissez-faire Capitalism at the cost of our environment and our future.

This new insane bill that would give Americans the right to buy any darn light bulb they want is just childish and unworthy of an adult conversation about our future.

House passes bill supporting old-style bulbs On a 62-46 vote, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill that would skirt a federal phaseout of older, less efficient light bulbs and allow Michigan manufacturers to make and sell them in the state. State Rep. Tom McMillin, R-Rochester Hills, called the bill the Right to Light bill and said consumers should be able to choose what products they buy. (October 14, 2011) Detroit Free Press

Countries, including Australia and Canada, are moving towards banning incandescent lights because they are so wasteful of our energy and contribute greatly to Climate Change. Check this info out from New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). Remember ‘Energy Star’ is not a brand name. Energy Star “is an international standard for energy efficient consumer products originated in the United States of America” Energy Star - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Start Saving Today with Energy Efficiency Lighting Options for Home and Work “Simply replacing your traditional bulbs with ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) will save you $10 annually for each bulb you replace. But you don’t have to stop there.”

So, the GOP marches out a bill that, like a child, ignores all the disastrous implications of sticking with incandescent lights and hammers home the idea that you as an American, an exceptional people if there ever was one, should be able to fill your home with energy wasting bulbs and warm up the planet. Never mind what the world has leaned about wasting energy and Climate Change. All that matters to the GOP is their droning imbecility that your government is telling you what to do—again. And, that’s all you need to know. You should get angry, the GOP implores, because you should be able to buy anything you want. (Should you also be able to buy bombs and poison and small island countries that cannot fight back?)

But check this out from the Australian government:

Lighting - Think Change “Working with the states and territories, the Australian Government will gradually phase out all inefficient incandescent light bulbs. Savings to the environment: The phase-out will deliver considerable savings to the environment and the economy. Across the country, the move to more efficient lighting, such as compact fluorescent lamps, is expected to save around 30 terawatt hours of electricity and 28 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions between 2008 and 2020. This is equivalent to permanently decommissioning a small coal-fired power station or taking more than 500,000 cars off the road permanently. It is expected to result in savings to the Australian economy of around $380 million per year by 2020 and result in net savings of more than $50 per year for each household that changes all of its incandescent light globes to compact fluorescent lamps.” Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency - Home - Think Change

The Australians can have an adult conversation about Climate Change and light bulbs, why can’t we? It’s going to be very difficult to have an adult conversation about how to address Climate Change when something as important as changing our light bulbs, which everyone can do and make a significant contribution towards addressing Climate Change, is addressed by the GOP by ranting about Freedom, the freedom to buy whatever the heck we want. However, they no longer rant about the freedom to buy leaded gasoline. Nobody in their right mind, not even a Republican, would march that card out.

Can you imagine what would happen if we allow the GOP to run this country if their answer to everything related to our environment is to gut the government’s role in regulating environmental practices? We have to get real. The GOP party of the past, where President Nixon passed the Clean Air, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, and established the EPA is not the extremists of today. A bill, like the one about the right to buy any light bulb you want, is extreme childishness in the face of terrible environmental problems that must be addressed. The GOP is ready to hold to their extremist ideology at all costs to our future. Are you?

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