Saturday, October 01, 2011

The problem with treating our environment like a business is that bankruptcy is not an option.


Too often we vote for business folks who did well in the business world. The GOP election chatters on about no taxes and jobs and nary a peep about our environment.

It has become popular folklore that this maniacal devotion to the free market place translates into voting for political leaders, and even a political party that believes our country should run like a well-ordered business.

Sounds all modern and efficient, but what are you going to do when you cannot make environmental health and the health of our ecosystems pay? What are you going to do when environmental regulations are perceived to be too burdensome on businesses? Are you then going to allow business to jettison environmental regulations—out of some crazy notion that the health of our businesses is more important than a sustainable environment?

If you put an individual or a political party in charge who doesn’t believe in Climate Change Crisis or that businesses and jobs come first, you’re putting in someone leading the county believing that there is the possibility that if your policies don’t work, or something goes wrong, you’ll just have to go bankrupt—and start over somehow.

This assumption, that our environment is like the business environment, is lunacy.

When our environment goes bankrupt with runaway Climate Change and overpopulation and pollution the game, as they say, is up. No Chapter seven or eleven is going to put our environment back together again.

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