Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Leaving from Rochester, NY to Washington, DC on Nov. 6th for Environmental Change – got 10 bucks?


It’s not often that the ordinary citizen who knows our environment is in serious trouble from Climate Change can actually do something that will have an immediate and major effect on something so incredibly large as the planet’s atmosphere. You can do a lot of things in your daily life to mitigate Climate Change by conserving energy, recycling, voting for candidates who believe that physics, and you can even blog for our environment: Interested in blogging? - Canandaigua, NY - MPNnow. However, things must be done quickly and on a massive scale to reverse the amount of carbon dioxide we put into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. 350ppm (parts per million) is the recommended carbon dioxide concentration for human existence, we are presently at 395ppm. Do the math.

So, it’s rare that you get an opportunity to do something that has a planetary effect. Changing President Obama’s mind on Keystone Pipeline Project and demonstrating that US citizens want action on Climate Change can have that kind of effect.

You cannot sit Climate Change out. You can adapt to a warmer Climate Change, which will bring a lot of Likely Changes in the Rochester, NY area, for a while. But then things will get too hot. And with New York State giving up on large-scale wind projects like the Great Lakes Off-Shore Wind Project (GLOW) and (despite all sense and sensibility) rushing towards Fracking, we are going to warm up sooner than expected. We could have had renewable energy rule in New York, instead we are going to have this: New Era for Drilling Raises Tensions in Fast-Growing Areas - NYTimes.com because too many folks just watched instead of acted. (You might want to go and take photographs of our countryside before those drilling rigs change our environment.)

We are asking that you get on bus (only $10)in the early morning hours of November 6th to Washington, DC help us encircle the White House sending President Obama a clear message that US citizens are concerned about Climate Change (specifically, about the Keystone Pipeline Project) and then come home. No arrests. No confrontation, just a peaceful reminder to our president who said he ‘got it’ on Climate Change, but has somehow forgotten about it. President Obama failed to mention Climate Change in his last State of the Union Address. We need to remind the president that Climate Change will define his legacy—not on how he battled the loony GOP ideology.

Sure, you might finish out your life with only the disruptions caused by Fracking (and they bode to be substantial) and only experience a few major storms and droughts, but your grandchildren might not be so lucky.

Here’s the skinny”

For more info on the Keystone Pipeline which is set to bring dirty oil from the Tar Sands of Alberta to the refineries along the coast of Texas, please see:
On Nov. 6, we will form a human circle around the White House to remind President Obama of his campaign promises to address global warming and hold Big Oil and Dirty Coal accountable for their widespread destruction.  Please get on the bus to DC and be a part of the effort.
350.org will defray our costs to bring the per person cost down to $10! That’s $10 roundtrip to go to DC!!! Not bad! So, if you were holding back due to finances….register now before your bargain seat gets taken!

To secure your spot, just send a check (with your name and phone number on it, please) to:

Barbara Bangs – Tar Sands Action

80 Briarwood Drive

Rochester, NY 14617

PLEASE PLAN TO ARRIVE AT THE EAST END GARAGE BY 4:00 AM on Sunday, November 6th.  We will get home around 3am on Monday Nov. 7th.

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