Monday, October 03, 2011

Jobs or Climate Change Crisis – What’s on the GOP chopping block next? Gravity?


Desperate or not GOP candidates are irresponsible to put to the American public that we either forget this Climate Change nonsense or lose thousands of jobs. The trouble with this nonsense is that a lot of folks buy into it. Somehow they have forgotten, or not learned, that jobs can be made from a green economy that addresses Climate Change. But when you couch the argument, as Perry has, that we’ll lose lobs if we slow carbon emission means he demands the present unsustainable fossil fuel economy at any cost—even if it heats up our planet.

Perry says slowing carbon emissions hurts economy | Reuters Texas Governor Rick Perry, struggling to regain his status as front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, expressed fresh doubt on Saturday about whether humans are causing climate change. "I still stand by that the science is not settled on man-made global warming," Perry said while campaigning in the key early primary state of New Hampshire. Perry, a favorite of the fiscally conservative Tea Party movement, also said that efforts to slow rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere could "devastate" the United States economically. (October 1, 2011) Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News |

Somehow we have to fight this panic to provide jobs and not give in to the depraved notion that Climate Change can be dismissed. We have allowed something in physics, like the warming of our planet, to become so politicized that we’ll vote against it in an election. What’s on the GOP chopping block next? Gravity?

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