Friday, October 07, 2011

Job killers and planet killers


It’s hard to have any respect for a political party that takes such a moronic attitude towards our environment. Playing the ‘job killer’ card the GOP hopes to gain public (probably just their ‘base’ is sufficient for their agenda) support for delaying and removing environmental regulation—our last hope for having a sustainable environment.

House votes to delay controls on toxic pollution - Yahoo! News WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican-controlled House passed the first of two bills Thursday to delay rules to cut toxic air pollution and mercury from cement plants, solid waste incinerators and industrial boilers. House Republicans repeatedly have targeted Environmental Protection Agency regulations that they view as job killers. The latest bills probably will stall in the Democratic-run Senate, even if some Democrats vote for them, and the White House has threatened to veto both measures.  (October 07, 2011)  Yahoo! News - Latest News & Headlines

Taking care of our environment is not a political issue. But in the US it’s very hard to ignore the reality that one of our political parties, the one that denies the Climate Change Crisis and believes we should eliminate environmental regulations so unfettered Capitalism can do its thing, is crazy.

There’s no other way to frame it. It’s not nice to call political parties names. But, the idea that you can dump any man-made chemical wherever you want, including our atmosphere, in biological system that for 4 billion years was exquisitely fine-tuned to be what it is and expect it to remain so is nuts.

What is the point of going to school and learning science if your leaders tell you to forget all that and focus on jobs at the exclusion of all else?

Wis. Mine Plans Pit Jobs Against Environment Republicans looking to deliver on job promises have decided to help a Palm Beach Gardens, Florida-based mining company extract what it says are billions of tons of iron ore buried beneath the range. The company, Gogebic Taconite, has promised the project will generate millions of dollars in tax revenue and hundreds of well-paying jobs for a region that has little else to offer beyond a chance for outdoor getaways. But it also could transform the pristine landscape into a noisy, deep-pitted, potentially polluted eyesore, setting up a charged debate over how much a state that prides itself on conservation should sacrifice for paychecks. (October 6, 2011) Daily News, Breaking News and Video Broadcasts - ABC News

Here’s what so crazy about all this and you don’t need to be a rocket surgeon to understand. We can change the rules how we run our economics. Sure, there’d be a lot of fighting but it is within the realm of possibility to redistribute our manmade wealth so folks could get jobs without destroying our environment.

We cannot change the laws of physic to make it fit a political ideology that thinks our environment is a magical resource and a great big toilet that makes our waste pure and useable again.

We are becoming, in our loony politics, a species hell bent on self-destruction.

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