Friday, September 16, 2011

It’s been a Climate Change Crisis awareness kind of week, we still need more awareness


If you missed Climate Reality, you can still review it or request a presentation.

You made today a success | Climate Reality “In the months that went into planning 24 Hours of Reality, I saw firsthand the passion and energy of our Climate Presenters, staff and partners around the globe who are calling attention to the climate crisis and working to solve it. Today, I was honored to see your passion and your energy. I can’t thank you enough for making 24 Hours of Reality a global success. By the time our chairman, former Vice President Al Gore finished his presentation, the 24 hour long event had 8.6 million views.” Climate Reality

Getting the word out about the Climate Change Crisis is going to be difficult because never have so many formed an opinion using so little information a topic so important. Most who even think about Climate Change have listened to their favorite media and pundits and weather person who, let’s admit it, are not climate scientists. An overwhelming amount of climate scientist are convinces that man-made climate change has raised the temperature of our atmosphere and wreaking havoc.

So, when millions go online to get the truth about Climate Change from Al Gore’s Climate Reality that is an amazing rise in consciousness about the most important issue of this century. But a million listening and learning about the effect of Climate Change and how we must address it is not a billion. Soon, our human population is going to cross the 7 billion mark, and all these folks are going to want stuff, stuff that probably needs fossil fuels to make it, move it, or heat it. This is not sustainable.

These weekends, at the Greentopia Festival, we here in Rochester, NY are going to attempt to focus the community’s attention on Climate Change. First of all we hope you will show up and spread the word about the Greentopia Moving Planet Bike the Bridges Self-Guided Bike Ride. The ride begins at Genesee Valley Sports Complex, 131 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14611, and ends at High Falls. You can ride any time Saturday between 9AM and10:30. If enough folks show up (a zillion would be good) on bikes, we’ll demonstrate that this green method of transportation should be an important component of moving around in our area. We had a good mention about this ride from the environmental reporters over at the D&C:

Greentopia + your bike - a perfect match “If you’re planning to go to the inaugural Greentopia Festival at High Falls the weekend after next, here’s an idea — ride your bike there with a group of like-minded folks. Greentopia, an ambitious exercise in education and entertainment, will feature dozens of exhibits, demonstrations, films, talks by distinguished environmentalists, performances and so on. It runs from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday, Sept. 17 and Sunday, Sept. 18. If you want to know more, visit the website or check out a video of the official announcement in April. Everyone who attends the free festival is take home at least one good idea for greening their own lives, and they’re encouraged to come and go without leaving carbon footprints behind them. Hence the Greentopia Moving Planet Bike the Bridges Self-Guided Bike Ride. The six-mile ride begins at 9 am on Saturday, Sept. 17 at the Genesee Valley Park sports complex, 131 Elmwood Avenue alongside the Genesee. (September 6, 2011) 520 - An Environmental Blog | Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

At the festival a film, long in the making, has made its way to the festival about Climate Change in our region. I want to give it a special mention and hope you will see the preview:

Subject: “Comfort Zone” Documentary about local effects of climate change. Come to Greentopia for a sneak preview of documentary about the local effects of climate change, followed by a panel discussion with local experts. What: Screening of the first 30 minutes of "Comfort Zone" When: Saturday Sept 17, 3:15 pm Where: Club ROAR, 233 Mill Street (High Falls area, near WXXI) Cost: Free. The film shares the forecasts for how climate change will affect us here, where we live, in Rochester New York. It also shares personal stories -- the stories of what happens when we try to translate this global problem to our individual lives. What's at stake? What can I do about it? What if dealing with this problem asks things of me that I'm not yet ready to give? Oh, yes, and there are also funny parts. We think you'll enjoy watching it, and it might even change how you think about the issue. More about the film is at: Looking forward to seeing you at Greentopia! Dave Danesh, Sean Donnelly and Kate Kressmann-Kehoe, Film producers

I hope you all read the great write up in Rochester City Newspaper about the festival. Jeremy Moule gives a wonderful encapsulation of the festival its goals, and some great quotes, of course, from me.

ENVIRONMENT: Readying Rochester's first 'green' festival - News Articles - Rochester City Newspaper “The Greentopia Festival makes its debut at a time of global discussion about what it means to be "green." The free event is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on September 17 and 18 in the High Falls district. The founders, Philipson Group principals Michael Philipson and Lewis Stess, say the event will bring together ecologically-conscious businesses, environmental groups, a film festival, speakers, art made of recycled materials, and activities.” (September 14, 2011) Rochester City Newspaper

Among the many activities that will be going on, the Rochester Regional Group of the Sierra Club will be conducting a festival-wide survey on what our local community thinks of Climate Change. We hope to engage all the festival’s visitors on the issue of this century. I hope ya’ll come to the festival, which will demonstrate to the community that our environment is important to us all. Bring friends, neighbors, and anyone you can think of—even a Climate Change denier or two. For great look at what’s going on at the festival and who will be there, check out the Program Guide for the Festival.

I’ll be over at the Sierra Club/Zero Waste table. Come over and say “Hello” and we’ll have a conversation about our environment. There’s more to tell about the festival, but I’m running out of space.

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