Monday, September 19, 2011

Climate Change proves physics runs the planet not the GOP


In the seemingly endless pursuit of the reason why Americans believe or don’t believe that man-make Climate Change is warming our planet comes some new insights. A recent poll seems to indicate that that extreme weather, in which Climate Change gets right in your face with abnormal rainfall, and other anomalies that are only supposed to occur once in a great while are now normal, are very convincing. This is great news because it means that there is a point at which hard cold physics at the level of one’s home being destroyed by whacky weather finally convinces a major of Americans that Climate Change is happening.

The bad news is that by the time something so large and complex as our weather system get thrown out of whack, the harder it is going to be to do anything about it. Already, because we have not acted in the last several decades on the reasonable assumption that putting massive amounts of greenhouse gases (GHS) into our atmosphere, there is a lot of heat in our in our oceans and carbon dioxide that has to be dealt with.

Yale Environment 360: More Americans Believe Climate is Warming, Poll Finds A new poll finds that the percentage of Americans who believe that the climate is warming has increased in the past year, a shift in opinion that follows one of the warmest summers in U.S. history and increased debate about climate change among Republican presidential candidates. (September 16, 2011) Yale Environment 360: Opinion, Analysis, Reporting & Debate

The more ironic part of this latest Climate Change poll is that the refusal of the GOP candidates to admit the obvious, that physics runs the planet not them, is causing many American to ponder the incredulity of this political position.

One thing is abundantly clear to me. Without even getting political there is no way that the United States can elect a president that doesn’t believe that mankind is causing Climate Change. We need clear and immediate leadership on Climate Change so it can happen quickly so that we don’t fry the next generation.

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