Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You cannot vote away the Climate Change Crisis and create good jobs


As I’m almost 60 years old, I’ve been around the block awhile. Nowhere in my memory have I come across the logic where can you solve a problem by denying its existence. The crazy strain of the Republican Party that caters to an idea of reality that we can do anything we want with no repercussions is a dangerous illusion that the media helps fosters to gain readership. Removing environmental regulations, the folks who enforce them, and open wide the floodgates to those warming the planet spells doom:

House GOP to focus on EPA, labor regulations this fall | wbir.com “WASHINGTON - Scaling back environmental regulations on coal ash and power plant pollution will be a top priority for House Republicans when they return from summer recess next week, according to a memo that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor sent fellow Republicans on Monday. Several proposed or recently enacted Environmental Protection Agency rules addressing coal ash disposal and emissions from power plants number among Cantor's list of 10 "job-destroying regulations" that the GOP will seek to undo in the next few months, his memo said.” (August 29, 2011) Knoxville, Tennessee | Knoxville News and Weather | Home Page

We have become so used to the political rancor that surrounds our presidential nominations that many tune out the issues figuring, I guess, that no matter what we would never vote of ‘the other party’ so let them yell and scream.

But we have to pay attention now. There’s a political party that seriously needs to go back to school and learn some science and history. Climate Change Crisis is physic’s based and the history of pollution came about because of the lack of environmental regulations and enforcers. It should be up to these extreme Republican views to prove that you that their ideas about the state of our environment and a society free of environmental regulations would benefit all of us. History has shown otherwise.

A Fundamental Republican Science Problem – “Many efforts to gauge why most Republicans reject or doubt the science pointing to risks from unabated emissions of greenhouse gases are issue-centric. It’s fossil fuel money. It’s disinformation campaigns that spin scientific complexity and some overheated warming rhetoric into a carbon-tax conspiracy.” (August 22, 2011) Natural Resources and the Environment - Dot Earth Blog - NYTimes.com

You cannot vote away the Climate Change Crisis. Regardless of your political bent, and how you’d like your government to be (big or small), you still have to abide by the laws of physics. When we put more greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere the place warms up. That is the simple, yet profound, issue we must face right now. Measures that deal with Climate Change can create jobs, if you move away from fossil fuels.

Putting the creation of fossil fuel jobs at the cost of our survival seems to be the most perverse political logic yet in the country. No matter how desperate we get with ourselves on how to handle our economic and social problems, we should not be advocating shooting ourselves in the foot.

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