Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The unthinkable could be our reality: No EPA


If you are of the opinion that corporations should be set free to thrive without any constraints, except those placed by the free market you haven’t been paying attention to history. With this new assault on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which began because of the horrific rise in pollution due to corporate abuse and indifference, we are entering a new level of delusion.

Analysis: Republicans turn sights on activist EPA | Reuters “(Reuters) - Emboldened by their success wresting concessions from the Obama administration in debt-limit talks, House Republicans now plan an assault of similar vigor on the Environmental Protection Agency. Republicans, backed by wealthy conservative lobbyists, are determined to stop the EPA and what they see as an activist agenda that is costing jobs and hurting corporate profits. "Right now for House Republicans one of their important rally cries is that EPA regulations are excessive and even abusive," said Robert Stavins, director of the Harvard Environmental Economics Program.” (August 16, 2011) Business & Financial News, Breaking US & International News |

Not only is Climate Change upon us but the oceans are dying and there’s pollution everywhere—caused in large part by the rise in corporate abuse. The answer, the response to the litany of global environmental issues, is not to deregulate environmental enforcement, but to create a level playing field so that all industries and countries play by the same environmental rules. We are a long way from a sustainable existence—by any measure.

You cannot possible believe, giving the state we have put our environment in since the Industrial Revolutions, that dismantling the EPA is the answer to our problems. It’s so mind-bogglingly stupid that our country would even consider something so outrageous to dismantle the EPA—the one department of government keeping us from destroying our environment and ourselves—that we have to wonder our own collective sanity. Voting for, or allowing a major political party that doesn’t believe in Climate Change to reign at this time in history, is like giving a drugged adolescent a loaded gun.

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