Monday, August 22, 2011

Nothing flourished when our environment tanks


It seems counterintuitive for many to want less environmental enforcement during a time of severe economic stress—as the GOP desires.  Perhaps the environment seems an easy target because the ramifications of pollution, Climate Change, and loss of biodiversity take a while to occur, when the loss of jobs and people’s houses happens quickly. 

But nothing flourishes when the environment tanks. 

A long history of abuse to our environment in Brownfields, pollution, and now Climate Change prove that more than ever we need more environmental enforcement, not less.  We cannot let the ideological goals of desperate political party override our knowledge that we depend on a healthy environment. 

NCPR News - Senior EPA official says more "environmental cops" needed There are growing calls these days in Washington DC to abolish or scale back the power of the Environmental Protection Agency. In recent weeks, three of the leading Republican presidential candidates - Michele Bachman, Rick Perry and Ron Paul -- have attacked the EPA out on the campaign trail. (August 22, 2011) NCPR: North Country Public Radio

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