Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If you’re disinclined to believe the pundits, political parties, and scientists on the Climate Change Crisis, check with the birds


Birds, which don’t lie or have a need to, have a story to tell about Climate Change. They’re saying that things are warming up and they have to move quickly to areas that are more suited to their needs. Read “Birds and Climate Change, Ecological Disruption in Motion, A Briefing for Policymakers and Concerned Citizens on Audubon’s Analyses of North American Bird Movements in the Face of Global Warming” 2009, Audubon. This report is only 16 pages and is probably a lot more interesting that reading about how some candidates for the office of President of the United States in 2012 hasn’t the slightest intention of leading our country on the Climate Change Crisis. The media is entertained by loud, loony statements on Climate Change denial, but the public needs real action on a real issue.

Even if you aren’t interested, or too busy, to address Climate Change in your life, you want the leading public official in our country to be on top of it. Simple denial in the face of overwhelming evidence just won’t do for those in charge of protecting us. Your public officials are going to be held accountable, just as those officials who had to make a decision to evacuate before Hurricane Irene, to the consequences of Climate Change. In our region alone there are a lot of “Likely Changes” coming our way because of Climate Change. They cannot be ignored.

So, rather than take the word of those with another agenda on their slate than survival in our changing environment, check out what the birds have to say on this issue. Birds because of their high metabolism and ability to move quickly are reacting very quickly to the changes brought by Climate Change.

Birds & Climate Change “Nearly 60% of the 305 species found in North America in winter are on the move, shifting their ranges northward by an average of 35 miles. Audubon scientists analyzed 40 years of citizen-science Christmas Bird Count data — and their findings provide new and powerful evidence that global warming is having a serious impact on natural systems. Northward movement was detected among species of every type, including more than 70 percent of highly adaptable forest and feeder birds.” National Audubon Society

Birds have been watched and monitored for a long time. Take a moment and listen to them.

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