Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hard not to view our environmental issues politically


In these days of extreme environmental awareness and education by the public, it’s very strange to be still hampered from addressing our environmental issues by a US political party bent on returning to an age of corporate irresponsibility.

U.S. House Debating "Mother Of All Anti-Environmental Bills" | New York League of Conservation Voters The U.S. House is debating a series of bills that would rollback dozens of environmental laws and initiatives. The League of Conservation Voters called it the "Worst. Bill. Ever." The Environmental Defense Action Fund decried it as "monstrous" and the "mother of all anti-environmental bills". Are these strong words warranted? You decide. (July 27, 2011)

It’s not just a few incidents here and a few there of the GOP fighting, as would any party, to fight for what they believe in, it’s a secret and concerted effort to undermine all the laws and regulations protecting our environment in a time of Climate Change, pollution of our land, air, and water. Check out this breaking story about how the American Legislative Exchange Council ALEC is quietly undermining the public desire to preserve and protect our environment.

Our Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding ALEC’s Influence on Your State Laws - ProPublica For decades, a discreet nonprofit has brought together state legislators and corporate representatives to produce business-friendly “model” legislation. These “model” bills form the basis of hundreds of pieces of legislation each year, and they often end up as laws. As media scrutiny of the nonprofit—the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC—has grown, we’ve built both a guide and a searchable database so you can see for yourself how ALEC’s model bills make their way to statehouses. (August 1, 2011) ProPublica

I can see why a group of folks with a certain view should be able to push their agenda in a free country. But the power and influence by a major party who thinks that protecting businesses before our environment is irrational and dangerous. We are being overwhelmed by a party fighting tooth and nail to foster the business environment at the expense of our natural environment.

Can you imagine what kind of a country would it be if the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) were stripped of its power to enforce clean air? How quickly would our environment degenerate if we pulled all the stops on polluting water and leaving Brownfields around? Our ability to address our environmental issue is being severely challenge by a party that does not take responsibility for our environment, treats it like a garbage bin, and is so extreme as to be threat to our environment.

How can we strip our political arena, where true battles over democracy and who we are to become should be discussed, are freed from the actions we must take to insure a healthy environment? How do we detach politics from our environment? For, like it or not, the world is moving towards more government involvement in protecting and creating a level playing field of environmental rules—not a world where business is free to do whatever they want. Think about it.

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