Thursday, August 11, 2011

Environmental concerns in Rochester, NY overshadowed by fracking because of GHG fuel addiction


Despite the myriad of environmental issues in the Rochester, NY region including ( Climate Rochester |Wetlands | Brownfields |Urban Sprawl |Plants (Rochester's flora) | Air Quality |Great Lakes |Pesticides | Water Quality |Recycling | Transportation |Food & Environment |Genesee River |Wildlife | Geese Problem |Deer Problem |Environmental Health | Lyme Disease |Rabies |West Nile Virus| Lead Poisoning |ViralHemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) |Parks| and Invasive Species) hydrofracking looms over all other issues lately. If you are one of the vanishing few in our region who has never heard of hydrofracking, go here: Hydraulic fracturing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

There are many reasons why our region is seized by this issue: There are water quality concerns; heavy truck traffic and road wear concerns. There are concerns about the disclosure of the fracking fluids, which the fracking folks are disinclined to reveal. There are possible public health concerns because of air quality and many more.

But to truly understand why, despite all the environmental and public health concerns, New York State is probably going to go ahead and drill for natural gas is because we are addicted to fossil fuels—and our state could be the new gas-drilling state. And the thing about addictions is that reason and caution takes a step back and we go ahead and do it anyway. In New York State, it’s going to be a great big battle about hydrofracking but we are going to go ahead and do it because we don’t want to face Climate Change and change our energy habits. We should at least be honest with ourselves. We are addicted to fossil fuels and it’s going to take a lot more that this hullabaloo to stop it:

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