Thursday, August 04, 2011

Climate Change will be unsolvable, even in Rochester, NY


You would think that because we got ourselves into this mess of Climate Change that we could get ourselves out. But despite all the ingenuity and knowledge our species can bring to play there’s a major snag: we have a major political party hell bent on an ideology that doesn’t accept science. The GOP will stop at nothing to halt all our country’s attempts to solve the most important issue of this century.

Senate Democrats Confident They Can Keep Anti-EPA Bills at Bay in Fall To preempt regulation of, action relating to, or consideration of greenhouse gases under Federal and common law on enactment of a Federal policy to mitigate climate change. When Congress returns in September from its month long recess, House Republicans say they will pick up where they left off in crafting and passing legislation to restrict U.S. EPA's air quality rules. "We're going to continue to fight them every step of the way," said Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), who earlier this year introduced legislation (S. 228 (pdf)) that would prevent any federal agency from implementing programs linked to climate change. (August 3, 2011) The New York Times

This time they aren’t going to just take away your pension or your health benefits, so you can live a decent retirement that you earned. This time they are going to thwart every effort you make to prevent the changes coming from Climate Change. These efforts by California and everyone else will be compromised by the relatively few and powerful who can negate your efforts:

INLAND: Website details climate change health effects “Communities in Inland Southern California and elsewhere should prepare for health problems caused by climate change, including an increase in infectious diseases such as West Nile virus, heat-related illnesses and asthma attacks brought on by smog and smoke from wildfires, scientists said Wednesday. Climate change is one of the most serious public health threats facing the nation, yet few people are aware of how it can affect them, said Kim Knowlton, a senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council, a New York-based environmental action group.” (August 3, 2011) | Southern California News

For all the work you do to prevent Climate Change; for all the changes you make in your life; and for all the hope you place in our efforts to turn around more than a century of spewing carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, they will come to naught. This is because there is already 50 years of warming in the pipeline (greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and in our oceans) and only a sharp turn towards renewable energy, conservation, energy efficiency, and better energy storage technology will give us a chance to adapt to the changes that are coming and also get a sizeable amount of greenhouse gases out of our atmosphere. That effort to save ourselves can be stopped and worsened by a relative few who fight to keep things the way they are.

It is one thing to entertain mean political policies that encourage the benefits of the relatively few rich under a lie that their earning will increase jobs and the better welfare of the rest of society. It’s quite another to actively thwart all efforts to stop and reverse Climate Change which will fry us all, regardless of race, creed, and level of income. Refusing to adapt to and mitigate Climate Change is insane.

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